“So Unserious…” — aespa Goes Viral For Asking Fans To Do The Most Hilarious Fanchant

They recreated a meme.

Aespa recently came back with “Spicy,” additionally performing their B-side “Salty & Sweet” on music shows. For the special performance, they had a particular request for fans that came to watch the show. Fans couldn’t believe it at first when a tweet from someone who went to watch the show posted the request.

Hah… aespa made us do this for the fanchant.

— onewinter_

The dinosaur going “yuhhhh” was a trendy meme in South Korea at that time. Winter and Karina had wanted to incorporate it into their fanchant. They asked the fans to do it right after Winter’s intro. The girls were super serious with the request, making sure the fans would do it with multiple confirmations.

  • Karina: When Minjeongie turns around, and goes “umm~” [can you guys] do the “yuhhh” right after that?
  • Winter: Just once, please. I really want to see it.
  • Karina: It’s our last recording.
  • Winter: That’s right, it’s even our last recording. I’m counting on you guys! Yes, right now.

MYs delivered! You can hear the “yuhhh” clearly even during the broadcasted version.

Winter was almost unable to hold in her laughter. Luckily, the camera zoomed out just as that happened. What a fun memory for their last recording of the cycle!


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