Soccer Player Under Fire for Making Thoughtless Remarks Against Physical Distancing

He refused to practice physical distancing.

While countries all over the world are practicing physical distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19, soccer player, Lee In Gyu of FC Seoul is under fire for making thoughtless remarks against physical distancing.


The soccer player recently took to his Instagram account to ask fans for cafe recommendations.

Recommend me a pretty cafe to go to.

– Lee In Kyu

And in response, fans naturally advised him not to go out.

Don’t go roaming outside. You’ll get hurt.

Practice social distancing.

But Lee In Gyu rebelled against their worried advice by captioning their comments with, “No thanks” and “I’m going to roam outside.

This act of rebellion elicited great criticism from fans, especially because physical distancing is crucial during a time when the virus is continuing to spread in both Korea and other countries.

As soon as his responses sparked controversy, Lee In Gyu posted a formal apology on his Instagram account.

Hello, this is Lee In Gyu.

I’d like to express how much I’ve been reflecting upon my actions.

I’m very sorry for worrying and disappointing you with my thoughtless action when everyone in the country are pained by the virus and are working hard to overcome it.

My thoughts and actions were simply wrong with no room for any excuses. I didn’t think it through. I’m reflecting upon my actions. I forgot that I was in a position where I was loved by many fans. I should have been cautious and set an example, but I forgot my gratitude and acted immaturely. I promise not to disappoint you ever again.

I apologize once more to those I’ve disappointed.

– Lee In Gyu

Source: Dispatch