Sohee Shocks Netizens With An Unexpected Request To KakaoTalk Friends

Sohee has very unique taste.

Sohee recently uploaded a new vlog to her YouTube channel, which gave viewers an inside look at how she gets ready for work.

In the middle of packing her things, Sohee paused for a moment to make an unexpected suggestion to the Korean instant messaging company, KakaoTalk Friends.

She pleaded,

I have something to say. Kakao, please make more Jay-G products.

— Sohee

Sohee explained that she’s a Jay-G fan, but that Jay-G products are hard to come by.

Among Kakao Friends, I’m a fan of the character, Jay-G. But there really aren’t that many Jay-G products.

— Sohee

She even shook her Jay-G pen and added,

That’s why I’m using this pen as slowly as possible. Please make more.

— Sohee

And netizens were shocked because among the Kakao Friends, Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Con, and Jay-G, Jay-G is one of the least popular characters.

In addition to cute emoticons that can be used on the messaging service, Kakao Friends also released all sorts of cute stationary and accessories showcasing the popular characters.

But according to Sohee, less products are made for Jay-G, and she is not happy.

Netizens expressed their surprise at Sohee’s unique taste with comments such as “I’ve never met a Jay-G fan before“, “I only know one friend who likes Jay-G“, “Kakao Friends should release more products“, and “That’s so cute“.

Check out the full vlog below:

Source: Dispatch