Soju Brand Chum Churum Changes Model From BLACKPINK’s Jennie To Han So Hee — Here’s A Look At Their Models Through The Ages

Do they have a type?

It was recently announced that famous soju brand, Chum Churum, would be changing their model from BLACKPINK‘s Jennie to actress Han So Hee. As Jennie has been with the brand since 2021, it’s no surprise that the switch was made naturally as the contract drew to a close. Prior to Jennie’s endorsement, Suzy was the model for the alcohol brand.

Curious as to who else modeled for the iconic brand? Here’s a look at Chum Churum’s history of brand models.

1. Lee Young Ah

The first ever model was 2006’s Lee Young Ah. That was the first time that the soju brand decided to launch a campaign with a model. The actress modeled for them for a year.

2. Goo Hye Sun

The star modeled for the brand in 2007. Perhaps it was due to the image mismatch, she was quickly replaced after half a year.

3. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori was the brand’s longest-running model. She took over mid-2007 from Goo Hye Sun and continued with Chum Churum until 2012, where they mutually agreed it was time for the brand to change up its image.

4. Hyolyn, Gu Hara, and HyunA

The first time that the brand decided to go with multiple models was with these three. They were the representative members of top girl groups back then in late 2012!

They continued the sexy image that Lee Hyori had crafted for the brand and also brought a new bubbly twist to the image.

5. Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee

Perhaps the synergy of more than one model was working wonders, for the brand hired actors Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee in 2014.

6. Shin Min Ah

The endorsement deal did not last long for the duo and they were soon replaced in the same year, with Shin Min Ah. Shin Min Ah was shooting to fame at this stage for her loveable charms.

7. Suzy

Suzy took over in 2016. Her contract lasted four years instead of the usual two. Suzy helped give the brand a makeover with her innocent first love image.

8. Jennie

Jennie took over in 2021, when the brand rebranded itself for the younger crowd. It was now modern, sleek, and coy, just like the luxurious star herself.

Each model had a huge impact on the brand. We can’t wait to see where Han So Hee drives Chum Churum this year!

Source: NamuWiki