Singer Solbi Is Under Fire For Plagiarizing A Famous Artwork And Selling It As A Cake – Then Lying About It

Netizens are claiming she lied.

Singer Solbi has always been known for her artistic sensibilities. She once showed off her art studio with numerous works painted by her.

However, she has since come under fire for her recent cake. On December 28, 2020, the singer uploaded a video of her eating a handmade cake on social media. She claimed that the cake was personally made by her while she was staying indoors due to the pandemic.

Later on, netizens found out that the cake was similar to a famous piece of art work called “play-doh”, by Jeff Koons.

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Solbi later clarified that the cake was not made for sale purposes and only for her personal consumption. She admitted that she had seen the artwork and taken inspiration from it. However, netizens were enraged when they found that the cake was being sold online, with Solbi’s name on it as well.

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Many expressed their disappointment in the singer and claimed that she was disrespecting the artist with her caption, “just a cake“.

Source: edaily