Singer Solbi Apologizes For Mold In Cake A Customer Bought And Ate From Her Bakery

The customer’s baby ate the cake.

Singer Solbi previously got into controversy when she was accused of plagiarizing her cake design. After clarifying that it was a homage, Solbi continued to bake and sell the cakes.

On March 1, 2021, it was made known on a community site that a customer had bought the cake for their mother-in-law’s birthday. Upon eating the cake, the customer felt that it tasted weird and cut the cake open. To their horror, the sponge cake was covered in mold. The customer panicked when they realized their elderly mother-in-law, as well as their 7 year old daughter and their 13 month year old baby had all consumed the cake. Everyone was forced to throw up in case.

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The customer expressed their disappointment in the cafe, when they were offered only a few tens of dollars in compensation at first. After a meeting, the cafe offered about $2000 in compensation, but most of the value was made up for in cafe vouchers. The cafe management explained that they were going through rough times.

The cafe uploaded an apology on social media, explaining that their staff had mixed up a display-use cake and a for-sale cake. However, the customer reiterated, claiming that during the sale, the cake was kept in the same glass case as all the other cakes. The customer questioned the logic of knowingly keeping a contaminated or inconsummable cake in the same casing as others.

Solbi personally apologized for the oversight on her social media. Although she is the one that makes the cakes, it has not been revealed to the public as to whether she manages the cafe personally or not, even though her name is used to promote the cafe. Solbi explained that she only heard of the incident a few days later from the cafe and expressed her intentions to take responsibility for the issue.

She thanked the public for their support for her products so far and promises that she will be personally doing her best to solve the matter.

Source: Edaily and Star Today