“Sold-Out King” BTS V’s Impact Boosted A Small Korean Business Overwhelmingly

His brand power is unmatched.

BTS‘s V is many things at once- a world-class performer, a handsome face people can’t seem to get enough of, a goofball who can endear anyone with his quirks, and of course, an insanely powerful brand. The idol has the Midas touch to sell out almost every product he is seen with.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Previously, the singer sold out his self-designed bag,

V’s self-designed Mute Boston Bag sold out instantly after it was made available for purchase | Weverse

a designer robe,

The designer robe that V sold out | HYBE

a designer brooch,

V wore this designer pin at the airport and it sold out

and even bottles of luxury water! And that’s just a few of the examples.

On June 9, KST, the BTS member returned to Seoul after finishing a 10-day filming schedule for a mystery project in Madrid, Spain. As he arrived at the airport, he was greeted by a crowd of fans and reporters. His visuals once again sent people into a frenzy, which was even more highlighted by his casual airport fashion.

V wore a knitted black-and-white shirt paired with blue jeans. His accessories and the statement knitted bucket hat upgraded the simple look with more chic.

It turns out that fans liked the shirt on him so much that many of them decided to have one for themselves too. The piece is from a local Korean brand called ICHiVAN, and it retails at ₩48,000 KRW (about $37.60 USD). It comes in three colors, green, white, and brown. Their Instagram account posted pictures of V wearing the shirt, and they were immediately flooded with orders.

To give their customers a realistic look at how many orders were in process, ICHiVAN’s Instagram account posted a story showing heaps of the same shirt packed and piled up, ready to be shipped.

As always, the level of V’s brand influence has proven how unmatched it is.