“Sold Out Kings” Jungkook And V Have Worked Their Magic Again

They worked their Midas touch on these items.

Who needs magic powers when the world’s already under your spell? BTS‘s Jungkook and V can magically sell out just about anything, and they’ve done it again!


On September 27, Jungkook dropped by J-Hope‘s broadcast to dance to “Chicken Noodle Soup” and drop spoilers about his fabled mixtape. In the video, he wore this Dreamcatcher Drop Shoulder shirt by A Nothing that sells for between 85,540 and 94,000 KRW ($72 – $78 USD) online.


Within just 30 minutes, the shirt sold out on several Korean shopping sites, as well as the official BUYMA website in Japan!


In the span of one week (September 24 to October 1) V sold out not one, but three clothing items, just by wearing them! The first sold-out item is this black jacket that he wore in New Zealand.


V posted the above photo on September 23 and by September 24, two sizes of the jacket had sold out. After he wore it again for J-Hope’s #CNSChallenge, more sizes sold out!


V’s second sold-out item is the black vest he wore at the airport, when BTS returned from New Zealand.


This Dimitri Black Five Pocket Bestman vest sold out on ALAND in all sizes and colors.


Last, but not least, is the H&M shirt V wore in the 2019 Summer Package.


At $24.99, this shirt is an afforable choice for fans looking to refresh their wardrobes — if they can find one!