Former Soldier Shares The Heartwarming Act Brave Girls Did For Their Soldier Fans

They are finally receiving the attention they deserve!

Brave Girls have made their way back into the headlines and this time, it’s for a pretty special reason.

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Girl group, Brave Girls have been shocking the nation with their sudden first place rankings that they have been achieving. Their 4-year-old song, “Rollin” started skyrocketing in popularity after a fan video on YouTube started gaining traction. With their current popularity, an old fan’s testimony has started making its rounds online again.

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The fan, who was a former soldier serving his military service had nothing but praises for the girl group. He had no problem talking about the girls’ inspiring work ethic, dedication and positive personalities.

I really hope they become popular. From Seoul, Baengnyeong Island is about a 12 hour distance and if there is even a little bit of fog, the ship will not sail. This happens pretty often and so usually, the trip ends up being delayed by a day or two. I still can’t believe they came all the way to Baengnyeong Island

At the time, I was completing my service at Baengnyeong Island. The day after their performance, I had an end-of-the-year vacation so I had plans to leave on a ship to go to Incheon. It would have taken 5-6 hours so all the guys who had the vacation had to leave really early in the morning.

— Fan

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He continued on with his letter by sharing the surprising act that the girls did for the soldiers.

Not only were the members of Brave Girls all up at the early time when all the soldiers were leaving, they even took photos with all of us. They were smiling the entire time and did their best to take good pictures. I remember this so vividly…

I hope that this kind and thoughtful group will do well and soar to new heights.

Ps. It’s not an easy decision to go all the way out to Baengnyeong Island, but because of them, we were all able to have an amazing time. Thank you.

— Fan

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Now that, is dedication! The girls of Brave Girls truly deserve all the positive remarks made about them, as well as their newfound popularity. You can check out their viral song, “Rollin” down below!

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