Soldiers have been taking pictures of TOP and Junsu in the army

New photos from the military were released as BIGBANG’s T.O.P and JYJ’s Kim Junsu finished their basic military training. 

On March 9, T.O.P and Junsu joined fellow recruits at the Nonsan Army Training Center for their military ceremony. T.O.P, however, was notably absent from the ceremony due to unknown health problems.

The two celebrities entered the training center on February 9. After they have completed their training, they will continue their service at their respective assignments as policemen. T.O.P will be trained for riot policing in the Gyeonggi province and will be assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Junsu, on the other hand, will be trained as a task group police officer and will be based at the South Gyeonggi Police Agency. The training for their respective assignments will last for two to three weeks.

Despite completing his military training, T.O.P could not attend his completion ceremony. It was confirmed that T.O.P had stayed in the infirmary instead. As news about his absence circulated, photos of T.O.P with his fellow recruits were posted. The photo sparked worries over his health as he as found wearing a mask as protection.

Source: StarNews