Drama Escalates As Leaked Private Messages Expose Viral Dating Show Contestant

Is this the messiest cast ever?

The drama surrounding I Am Solo‘s 16th group took an unexpected turn.

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On October 11, an online post went viral. In the post, a netizen alleged that “Ok Soon” (real name redacted) had written malicious comments about her castmates while complimenting herself.

Ok Soon | @elizabeth0912i/Instagram

As evidence, the netizen provided a screenshot of the comments. In one of the screenshots, an IP address ending in 59.15 can be seen writing compliments to “Ok Soon” while insulting her castmates.

  • “If Ok Soon gained weight, she would look like Han Ga In. She looks like a skinny Seo Yea Ji.”
  • “She (Ok Soon) seems so fragile and reminds me of Seo Yea Ji and YoonA. I’ve become entranced by her.”
  • “Young Sook, did you get a nose job?”
  • “Soon Ja is the worst out of the women contestants.”
  • “Defcon is funny.”
  • “Hyun Sook eats more than Hibap.”
  • “She’s acting cute.”
  • “This is Ok Soon when she was 27, she must have been so popular.”

The netizen then uploaded a screenshot of the show’s group chat. In the group chat, Ok Soon claimed that the comments were written by an acquaintance of hers.

  • “Yes! 5915 is my acquaintance, so I can’t sue them. And I would like to first apologize to the people here and admit my wrong. First, since there were so many bad posts about me, I asked my acquaintance to post some positive posts. Second, I am sorry to everyone here who was affected by my actions. Because they are my acquaintance, I can’t tell you to sue them, but people have different levels of tolerance, and it is your freedom to sue. Anyway, I am apologizing on behalf of my acquaintance for this controversy and my actions.”

The post follows news that Ok Soon would be suing Young Sook (Real name redacted), after allegedly bad-mouthing her. You can read more about it in the link below.

Controversy Erupts After Viral Dating Show Contestant Threatens To Sue Castmate

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