Somi Just Got Her 1st Music Show Win As A Soloist… But Then Chaos Ensued

This may be the most chaotic music show win of all time!

Somi just won her first ever music show trophy as a soloist with hit song “What You Waiting For”—but when it came to her encore, everything turned into pure chaos.

On this week’s episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown, Somi’s “What You Waiting For” went head-to-head with ATEEZ’s “Inception” for the first place trophy. After “Inception” won two trophies this week, it was time for Somi to have her moment.

“What You Waiting For” won the M! Countdown trophy with 6,776 points to “Inception”’s 6,500, sweeping all the points for digital streams. While Somi’s former temporary group I.O.I scored several music show wins during their time together, this marks her first ever win as a solo artist.

Unsurprisingly, Somi was overcome with happiness as she gave her first winning speech. Full of smiles, she made sure to thank her parents and fans (known as Sommungchis) as well as her company, The Black Label.

But as soon as her encore started, classic Somi chaos ensued. Last week, Somi promised fans that if she got a music show win for “What You Waiting For”, she’d sing her encore stage while eating a lemon. In true Somi fashion, she was not about to break that vow.

From grimacing at the sour flavor to spitting out the lemon’s seeds live on television, Somi had viewers in stitches watching her entertaining encore. But while you may think eating a raw lemon on national television would be the most chaotic part of Somi’s stage, things quickly got crazier.

Somi got so distracted by her commitment to the bitter fruit, she didn’t notice her beloved first trophy getting caught in her grip! In a split second, the trophy’s head broke off and fell to the ground!

Luckily, Somi’s backup dancers were there to console her. Everyone rushed to the stage to give saddened Somi a big hug. Thankfully, Somi was able to keep her spirits high, comically rushing to pick up the broken trophy before it rolled away.

Later, the star soloist took to Instagram to thank fans for her win on live broadcast. She even invited some of them to join her via video call.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram 

Given how much love Somi shows to her Sommungchis, they’re sure to keep putting in the work to get her even more wins. Congratulations, Somi!