Jun Somi’s Manager Reveals That He’s Close Friends With BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Here’s how he proved his friendship.

Soloist Jun Somi guested on MBC‘s Omniscient Point of View on August 14, 2021. It was revealed in a preview that her manager in particular, had some very good connections in the industry! Not only was he absolute ace at taking care of Somi, he was also revealed to be close friends with G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

They’re not just normal friends. Somi’s manager is so close to G-Dragon, that he was one of the lucky 88 people to be gifted with G-Dragon’s limited edition, self-manufactured shoes. The shoes were famous for being crafted by G-Dragon himself to give out to only his close friends and acquaintances.

Somi shared that her manager was practically family to her, calling him much like an older cousin. Unsurprising, given her bright energy and social ability! We’re glad Somi has someone like that taking care of her! Stay tuned for more updates when the episode is out.

Source: Star Today