THE BLACK LABEL Gives An Update About Somi’s Upcoming Solo Debut Delay

THE BLACK LABEL explained what’s happening.

I.O.I‘s Jeon Somi (aka Somi) was originally scheduled to make her long-awaited solo debut on May 1. Reports arose earlier today that her debut was delayed due to internal issues in the company.

THE BLACK LABEL remained silent for hours until finally confirming that Somi’s solo debut has indeed been delayed. They revealed that her album is finished but they have not decided on a new debut date.

She has yet to begin filming her music video either. They also claimed that they are in discussions for Somi’s new debut date that is undecided as of now.

Her album production is finished but her debut date is undecided. We have not filmed her music video yet either.

We are discussing her new debut date.


Source: Newsen and Star Today