Somi’s Soul Leaves Her Body Following An Intense Workout With Kim Jong Kook

Somi…are you okay??

Kim Jong Kook has been thriving as a YouTube content creator, as he boasts over 2 million subscribers just 4 months after creating his channel. With the gym-related content, the singer has featured numerous different celebrities, showcasing their workouts together. In his most recent video upload, the Running Man cast member had a very special guest—and she’s been receiving a lot of attention for her honest hilarity.

Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel, “Gym Jong Kook” | YouTube

Solo artist Somi was the latest guest on Kim Jong Kook’s channel and when we say she brought on the laughter, we mean it. Somi, who is known for her energy and bubbly personality, was seen prior to the workout being her usual self.

As the stair workout began, Somi seemed to keep up with “Gym Jong Kook”…

…and her smile remained firm throughout.

But it didn’t take long for her bubbly smile to disappear, as Kim Jong Kook’s never-ending stair workout continued!

Thankfully for Somi, Kim Jong Kook’s “Stairway to heaven” workout finally ended, but not without a hilarious price. Somi’s facial expression following the conclusion of her workout said enough for all the viewers, as she contemplated her life’s choices following Kim Jong Kook’s insane workout.

Korean netizens shared their thoughts on Somi’s “hilarious” before and after, as they poured out their love for Somi and her “soulless expression.”

| theqoo
  • “Omg Somi haha for real, I’ve never seen that kind of expression from her before.”
  • “Hahahaha”
  • “I have never seen Somi’s soul leave her body like that hahaha”
  • “This is the first time I’ve seen this type of expression from Somi hahahahahaha”
  • “Hahahahahahaha”
  • “Hahahahahahahaha omg Somi hahahaha this is the first time I’ve seen that type of facial expression hahaha”
  • “It’s weird seeing that kind of facial expression from Somi hahaha the workout must have been difficult.”
  • “Her soul was sucked out of her body hahahahahahahahahahahaha”
Somi’s “soulless” facial expression (left) and Kim Jong Kook (right) | @GymJongKook/YouTube

We genuinely cannot fathom how hard Kim Jong Kook’s workout must have been, but Somi pushed through. What a trooper! Be sure to watch the hilarious video down below.

Source: theqoo