Somi Reveals The Stereotype That Made Her Insecure About Going Blonde

“I had that stereotype for myself.”

Somi not only made a comeback with her new track “DUMB DUMB” but debuted blonde hair for the first time ever. Though fans were the ones who changed her mind about going blonde, she recently revealed the stereotype that caused her to refuse the transformation originally.


When visiting a well-known YouTuber for a quick hairstyle, Somi pointed out that she was impressed with her hair color for the comeback. She said, “It’s my first time, but it looks way better than I expected.

Somi then revealed why she’d been avoiding blonde hair, “Since I’m half Korean, half white, if my hair color is too bright, I might look too much like a foreigner.

She noted that it was an idea that always stuck in the back of her mind when choosing hair colors. Somi continued, “I had that stereotype for myself, so I’d kept my hair darker.

In the end, Somi stepping out of her comfort zone for the beautiful color paid off. She looks absolutely stunning—even when wearing a mask.

See Somi open up about what held her back from trying the beautiful color sooner.