Fans Are Calling Out YG Entertainment’s The Black Label After Somi Makes A Heartbreaking Comment On A Live Broadcast

Fans are devastated.

Somi captured the hearts of K-Pop fans everywhere, first with her appearance on JYP Entertainment‘s survival show Sixteen and then on Mnet‘s Produce 101. After finishing first on Produce 101, Somi debuted as the center of I.O.I, where she showed off her impressive talents and caring personality.

After I.O.I’s disbandment, fans of the talented idol became extremely frustrated as it took two years before Somi could re-debut as an idol. In those two years, Somi left JYP Entertainment and signed with YG Entertainment‘s The Black Label after receiving a direct call from producer Teddy.

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Since making her decision to debut as a soloist under The Black Label, Somi admitted that she had “never” had regrets about leaving JYP Entertainment. And in the same interview in 2021, she also shared that she had “No issues” since being signed to her new company.

But after a recent live broadcast where Somi chatted with fans, posing for pictures and talking about food, fans are again voicing concerns about The Black Label’s treatment of their talented artist. In the past, fans have argued that The Black Label is wasting Somi’s potential, spacing out her comebacks too much to allow her to achieve the success she’s capable of.

These concerns are resurfacing after Somi read a fan’s comment.

Looking forward to your next comeback.

— Somi reading a fan’s comment


Of course, Somi’s fans are excited to see what her next comeback will bring, expecting another cinematic music video and hit song. But fans were heartbroken to hear Somi’s response that she is looking forward to it as much as they are.

I hope I get a… I hope I have a comeback.

— Somi


Somi’s last comeback, XOXO, was released almost a year ago, on October 29, 2021.

So understandably, fans were hopeful that her next comeback would be announced soon. After Somi’s comment, it may likely be a while.

Fans believe that Somi deserves a lot better treatment, especially since Somi’s response seems to indicate that she wants to be able to release new music.

Although Somi has had activities this year, she is first and foremost an idol, which fans believe means she should be focusing on music.

And fans are also pointing out that Somi still doesn’t have a lightstick, which is another thing The Black Label should be working on.

Fans believe that The Black Label is showing poor management skills of both female artists and soloists.

They feel sorry for Somi and hope that she will be able to make a comeback soon or that she will be able to change agencies.

As of now there have been no updates to Somi’s schedule.

A previous version of this article said that Somi does not have an official fandom name. Her official fandom name is Sommungchi.

Source: VLIVE

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