Here’s How Teddy Convinced Somi To Sign With The Black Label

She’s thriving as a solo artist now under the agency!

Somi is currently a solo artist under The Black Label, and she shared what made her join the agency for her current solo career!


And in a recent interview with Elle Singapore, Somi talked about her new agency, career, and more!

She initially gained attention as a well-known trainee from JYP Entertainment, and as a member of project girl group I.O.I, and was rumored to be part of the lineup for ITZY, as well.

Pre-debut Somi | JYP Entertainment

Somi ultimately decided to go solo, and revealed that Teddy, the founder of The Black Label, had reached out to her personally to ask her if she would like to join the agency. She also shared that she was very excited at the offer to join the same agency that housed some of her favorite artists, like 2NE1 and Big Bang!

Then Producer Teddy called me to come to THEBLACKLABEL, and I couldn’t believe it. I had been a fan of his because I had listened to Big Bang and 2NE1 growing up.


She then further shared that it was and the sincerity in his eyes and his passionate ideas for her career was what finally convinced her to join the YG family!

When I met him, he had so much passion in explaining all the opportunities he saw in me. I felt sincerity through his eyes, and knew I could trust my future with his direction.

I can say with certainty that it was the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far.


And now, Somi is thriving as a musician under The Black Label! She’s had a slew of successful hits, such as “What You Waiting For”…

…”Dumb Dumb”…

…and most recently, “XOXO”!

Here’s to more iconic moments in Somi’s career in the future!

Source: Elle Singapore