Sommungchis Are Living For Somi’s Powerful Vocals And Confidence During Live Performance Of “Dumb Dumb”

Somi is a confident queen!

Somi‘s back and Sommungchis are loving “Dumb Dumb,” her latest track!

Somi | @somsomi0309

On August 3, Somi performed “Dumb Dumb” on MBC Radio, and fans were blown away by her confidence and powerful vocals.

| MBC Radio/YouTube

While Somi has always been a great singer, fans were amazed by how easily she transitioned from low notes to high notes during this performance.

Throughout her performance on MBC Radio, Somi looked very relaxed and even performed a little bit of the “Dumb Dumb” choreography.

Sommungchis could tell she was genuinely enjoying the performance.

Somi’s confidence truly shined as she performed, and fans loved seeing how happy she looked to be performing again.

Check out Somi’s full “Dumb Dumb” performance on MBC Radio below!