Son Heung Min’s Alleged Private Instagram Account Is Revealed To Belong To A Different Actress

The actress stepped forward to end the rumors once and for all.

Son Heung Min‘s alleged private Instagram account, which is at the root of dating rumors alleging he was dating Kim Go Eun has been revealed to be owned not by the footballer but by another actress.

Son Heung Min | Yonhap News

On December 20, the Korean entertainment industry was shocked by reports of dating allegations pointing to Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun being a couple.

Footballer Son Heung Min Is Alleged To Be Dating Actress Kim Go Eun — BH Entertainment Responds

The allegations stem from netizens who alleged that Son Heung Min’s private Instagram account is followed by Kim Go Eun. Other netizens also pointed out the fact that Son Heung Min had liked pictures of Kim Go Eun in the past.

(Netizens find) Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun’s secret account.

— @kkamzzikisoda/Twitter

Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment responded quickly to the allegations stating that the two weren’t even acquainted and that Kim Go Eun was a supporter but nothing more.

They aren’t even acquainted. (Kim Go Eun) is a supporter (of Son Heung Min) as a citizen of this country.

— BH Entertainment

Well, it turns out that the alleged Instagram account didn’t belong to Son Heung Min. On December 20, actress Jang Hee Ryung revealed through her official Instagram that the private account actually belonged to her.

Jang Hee Ryung | @hehehe0/Instagram

The actress seemed to have come forward to end the rumors.

| @hehehe0/Instagram

It’s my private account. Please don’t try to hack it ㅠㅠ.

— Jang Hee Ryung

Jang Hee Ryung is an actress and model. Her recent works include dramas Sh**ting Stars and Uncle. The actress is also known as a close friend of fellow actress Suzy.

Suzy (left) and Jang Hee Ryung (right) | kbs
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