Son Heung Min’s Notoriously Strict Father Calls Himself A “Third-Rate” Player

It’s obvious Son Heung Min gets his humbleness from his father.

Son Heung Min‘s father, who is famous for being strict with his world-class footballer son, proved he is harshest on himself.

Son Woong Jung (left) and Son Heung Min (right) | DongA IIlbo

On December 7, tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block released a preview that revealed Son Heung Min’s father, Son Woong Jung, would be making an appearance.

Son Woong Jung | tvN

In the preview, Son Woong Jung spoke about his own playing days. The father, who is infamous for denying Son Heung Min’s world-class status, is then seen calling himself a third-rate player.

Yoo Jae Suk (left) and Son Woo Jung (right) | tvN

Son Woong Jung, who is also famous for the grueling training he put Son Heung Min through, then revealed some of his own training. The former footballer revealed that he would even put thumbtacks in his football cleats while training.

| tvN

Yoo Jae Suk objected to Son Woong Jung’s own assessment of himself as a third-rate player stating, “Aren’t you too harsh on yourself? How can you call yourself third-rate when you’ve put in so much work?” To this, Son Woong Jung responded, stating his original assessment was correct.

I was a third-rate player.

— Son Woong Jung

Son Woong Jung also revealed what he thought about Son Heung Min’s incredible 2021-2022 season when he won the English Premier League’s Golden Boot Award, which is given to the league’s top goal-scorer. Son Woong Jung’s response shows why Son Heung Min is so humble.

To reach the prime of your career means there is nowhere to go but down. (Son Heung Min) can’t be content where he currently is.

— Son Woong Jung

Son Woong Jung previously made news worldwide when during an interview, he emphatically denied that his son Son Heung Min was a world-class footballer. Son Heung Min was the English Premier League’s top goal scorer in 2021-2022 and recently was responsible for Korea’s miraculous win against Portugal, dubbed “The Miracle In Doha,” at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


Source: wikitree
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