Son Heung Min Delivers A Special Message To BTS And Declares He Is A Fan

He wants to send gifts!

Tottenham‘s Son Heung Min recently teased BTS fans with a “coming soon” tweet, causing fans to speculate about a potential collaboration. The wait is finally over, for he dropped a new update with a surprise message to the members of BTS!

Hello, everyone. As everyone knows, I’m a fan of BTS and as a fan, I sincerely congratulate them for the release of their new song (“Permission to Dance”). It will certainly be a part of my playlist. And recently, Jimin also sent a video message to me on a variety show, which I enjoyed watching. Building on that, I would also like to send them uniforms with my signature on them as gifts. I hope that they will accept the gifts as a token of my gratitude. I will continue to cheer BTS on in the future and I will work hard in the future so as to be able to be good influences like BTS and provide even more encouragement. BTS, hwaiting!

— Son Heung Min

Earlier on in the year, Jimin sent the most adorable message to Son Heung Min after failing to recognize him during a quiz game. Check out the original video below.