Son Naeun Speaks Up About Recent Plastic Surgery Rumors

Apink’s Son Naeun personally put the rumors to rest.

Apink‘s Son Naeun was recently caught up in plastic surgery rumors when photos from an event made her look slightly different than before.


During her recent guest appearance on Radio Star, MC Yoon Jong Shin commented that she had the aura of a natural beauty.

“You’re a natural beauty, right?”

— Yoon Jong Shin


A little flustered by the question, Son Naeun laughed as Kim Gura tried to avoid the question.

“Don’t ask that kind of question so freely. [Son Naeun] is overthinking the question in her head!”

— Kim Gura


Yoon Jong Shin clarified that he wasn’t judging her but only commenting that she just looked beautiful.

“Even if you honestly got a little [plastic surgery] done, it’s okay because it doesn’t look like you got any done.”

— Yoon Jong Shin


As the topic became a little awkward, Son Naeun personally clarified in a discreet manner that she’s taking care of her visuals.

“I take care [of my visuals] little by little.”

— Son Naeun


Whether she looks a little different from her earlier days or not…


… Who really cares when your queen looks this gorgeous?!

Source: Sports MK