Apink Son Naeun’s Latest Photos Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors

Netizens claim she got plastic surgery done on her face.

Apink’s Son Naeun recently made a special appearance at the Shu Uemura event.


She looked stunning as usual with blood-red lips and a form-fitting black ensemble.


But netizens began pointing out that something seemed different about her facial features. Many began to claim that she recently got plastic surgery done on her face.

  • “Wth… I couldn’t recognize her… Her nose is different and her eyes are weird… she used to be so pretty… Why did she change when she was so pretty… it’s a shame…”
  • “Something’s definitely different… She used to be so cute and youthful back during ‘We Got Married’ but now… Her face just looks unnatural now”
  • “I don’t understand when beautiful celebrities get plastic surgery on their face. Even if they don’t do anything they look far prettier than the average person. Maybe they think they’re ugly since they’re constantly around other pretty celebrities.”


They argued that she looked better before and that her new look seemed “unnatural”.

  • “No matter who looks at this, she definitely changed.”
  • “Omg… She looked much better before.”
  • “I was shocked when I saw this… she’s so unnatural now”
  • “I thought someone was fooling around with photos of another person who just looks similar to Son Naeun…”


They pointed out the difference in her nose, how it got taller and sharper, much different than her cute, round button nose from past photos.

  • “Seems like she did a little on the tip of her nose… that’s why her face looks completely different.”
  • “If you compare her debut pictures to now she did her eyes and her nose.”
  • “She 100% retouched her nose…”
  • “She used to have such a cute face but now she looks like any of the girls with plastic surgery… why is Plan A keep changing their faces?”


On the other hand, many of her fans stepped up to defend Son Naeun, claiming she just lost more weight and the baby fat from her cheeks.

“Everyone says her face changed but all I see is that she lost the baby fat on her cheeks. She’s gotten prettier.” — Netizen

“She used to look like a baby but now she looks more mature.” — Netizen


Some argued that she just changed her makeup style to look fiercer and more mature, compared to her youthful and cute style in the past.

  • “She just changes her makeup style concepts frequently.”
  • “She looks different every time she gets her makeup done. That’s why she looks different.”
  • “It looks like she just changed the way she shades around her nose? Isn’t it just a change in shading??”


In the end, no matter if she looked more youthful and cutesy…


… or sexier and fiercer, no one can deny Son Naeun looks absolutely stunning!

  • “She’s just getting prettier. I wish my face was like hers.”
  • “She’s the prettiest she’s ever been.”
  • “Whatever she does she just looks pretty~~~”


A large group of fans are calling out the haters, telling them to mind their own business before Plan A Entertainment sues them for malicious comments.

  • “When is their label going to start sueing the haters?”
  • “Son Naeun’s getting popular so the anti fans are shaking. I wish the label will start seeing them.”
  • “She’s just pretty why are you hating on her take a look at your own face. Everyone has a complex on their face. She has “a job where she’s required to look pretty so don’t judge her for whatever she does with her looks. It makes you look petty~”
  • “I agree she looks different but why do so many people care whether someone changes their makeup style or gets plastic surgery?”
Source: Nate Pann (1) and (2)
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