“There Are Deers In Our Yard” — Korean Actor And Actress Couple Show Off Their Luxurious House In America

Check out their virtual house tour here.

Actress Son Tae Young married her husband, actor Kwon Sang Woo in 2008. They have a daughter and a son between them. The couple moved to the United States when their son was in the 5th grade. For the first time ever, they revealed their luxurious New Jersey home to the public.

On July 27, 2023, Son Tae Young posted a house tour on her new YouTube channel. A gorgeous house with a basement and two above-ground floors, the size of it shocked viewers.

The spacious living room is where the family gathers most of the time. A working fireplace takes center stage.

A sitting area on the first floor was converted into a work and study area. The children use the area to study and do homework. The huge French windows let in the light, and according to Son Tae Young, they can see whoever walks by the street.

Their huge yard has a trampoline and a playhouse.

According to Son Tae Young, deers frequent their yard. In the winter, it was a treat to see five deers lounge in the snow on their front yard.

Their kitchen boasts a six-stove range. Son Tae Young enjoys cooking regularly.

The basement was converted into a play area, with a gaming console. They also have a gym area for her son and husband.

Her young daughter’s room is a dream for little princesses. Featuring pink walls and a doll house, it was perfect for Son Tae Young’s daughter.

Her son, who is in his teens, preferred a more simple theme. He enjoys sports and gaming.

Son Tae Young did not show viewers the master bedroom with her husband, but she did boast about her luxurious bathtub where she spends hours relaxing in! Catch the full video of her house tour below.

Son Tae Young’s last active role was in the K-Drama You Are Too Much in 2017. Kwon Sang Woo is still very much active, and recently starred in 2023 movie Switch.