Son Ye Jin Announces She Is Currently Pregnant

Congratulations to Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin!

Son Ye Jin has personally announced she and Hyun Bin are expecting a child.

In a post shared on her Instagram, Son Ye Jin shared the joyous news with her fans around the world.

How are you all doing? I’ve been doing well. I’d like carefully share some very happy news with everyone.

We are expecting a new life in our family..

I’m still flustered, but I’m currently going day by day, feeling the changes in by body and feeling both worry and excitement.

I’m so thankful, but I wasn’t able to tell anyone yet as I had to be very careful about it.

I would like to tell my fans and the people around me who were waiting for this news as much as we were, before it’s too late.

We will protect the precious life that has come to us. I hope you all stay healthy, keeping the things you hold precious in your life close to you.

I wish you all happiness

— Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin’s agency Msteam also confirmed the news, sharing that she is currently in the early stages of her pregnancy, but did not reveal exactly how far along in the pregnancy she is.

Source: SPOTV and Edaily