Son Ye Jin Collapses and Gets Transported to Hospital on the Set of “Crash Landing on You”

She was overworked.

Star News recently reported that Son Ye Jin collapsed on the set of Crash Landing on You and was transported to the hospital.

As popular the drama is following its premiere last August, the actors invested all of their time including their holidays to produce the best outcome for viewers.

As such, Son Ye Jin, who plays the rule of Yoon Se Ri, worked every single day leading to overwork, which caused her to collapse on set.

According to the reports, her condition wasn’t overly serious, and it’s been reported that after being treated at the hospital, she returned to the set for the filming of the drama.

Crash Landing on You is about a wealthy South Korean woman who landed in North Korea via a paragliding accident where she met a North Korean man whom she fell in love with.

The popular drama is currently airing on Netflix.

Source: Insight