Son Ye Jin Might Have Confessed To Dating Hyun Bin In June Of Last Year

Maybe it wasn’t such a secret after all.

In light of the recent news that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are dating, all sorts of past interactions and clues have been resurfacing online.

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And one of them is something that Son Ye Jin did back in June of last year.

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During that time, photos of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin at the Baeksang Arts Awards following their collaboration on Crash Landing on You were posted all over social media.

And one netizen posted a photo of the two actors along with a caption begging, “Please tell us you’re dating.

At the time, Son Ye Jin liked the post, causing a stir among fans, but she soon denied the dating rumors through her agency.

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But at the beginning of this year, both parties confessed to having started dating after Crash Landing on You came to an end in February of last year.

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As it turns out, Son Ye Jin wasn’t just trolling fans at the time, because according to their recent statements, they were indeed dating during that period.

While Son Ye Jin officially denied the rumors at the time, fans are now wondering if she discreetly hinting at it since as early as mid-2020.

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