Son Ye Jin Expresses Her Biggest Fear Of Starring In Her First Hollywood Movie

She was recently offered a role in Andrew Niccol’s “Cross.”

In a recent interview with Elle, top actress, Son Ye Jin spoke up about the longevity of her successful career as well as the recent offer she received from a Hollywood movie.

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Son Ye Jin, who has shown neverending transformations over the course of her long career of over 20 years, stressed that while she went through some slumps, she never voluntarily took a break.

There were times when I coincidentally took a break while waiting for projects, but I’ve almost never taken a break voluntarily. I take pride in that. It was tiring at times to always come out with a new project and have this passion that never stops, and I even had some slumps. But luckily, I overcame it with new projects.

— Son Ye Jin

Furthermore, Son Ye Jin spoke up about the recent rumors surrounding the offer she received from the Hollywood film, Cross, directed by Andrew Niccol.

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While confirming that she’s still in the process of deliberating, Son Ye Jin confessed that she didn’t have any greed for it prior to the offer and that she was actually afraid at first.

I actually didn’t have much greed to make a Hollywood debut before this. I already felt accomplished through Korean projects, and I was afraid if I’d be able to act well in a foreign language.

— Son Ye Jin

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But despite her fear of acting in a foreign language, Son Ye Jin stressed that she’s willing to take on new challenges.

But I’m also wondering when else I’ll get an opportunity like this. If I’m given a good opportunity, I want to give it my all. I feel like I’ll gain a lot if I go at it.

— Son Ye Jin

Will she end up making her Hollywood debut?

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Everyone will just have to wait and see!

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