News Reports Continually Focus On Song Hye Kyo’s Bare Ring Finger Once Again

“The reporters must know something about it.”

Song Hye Kyo was recently spotted at the airport as she left for a schedule abroad.


As always, a swarm of photographers arrived to take photos of the beautiful actress. But the reporters focused on one particular thing.


They noticed that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.


Although they could have let the particular point go, reporters began writing about her empty ring finger.


This isn’t the first time reporters focused on her choice to not wear her ring. Chinese reporters first spread false rumors that they were getting a divorce and Korean reporters soon followed suit in always making remarks about her empty ring finger.


Netizens criticized the reporters for trying to start fake rumors about her marriage to Song Joong Ki.


While others began to believe that something was going on as the reporters seem to never give up on this subject.


Whatever the reporters or netizens may go on about, Song Hye Kyo will hopefully disregard all the groundless talks about her wedding ring and continue living her happiest life with Song Joong Ki!

Source: Newsen (1), (2) and (3) and Asia Today