Song Hye Kyo’s Public Appearance In Korea Canceled In Respect For Sulli

This was her first public appearance in Korea since her divorce was finalized.

Song Hye Kyo was scheduled to make her first appearance in Korea since the finalization of her divorce. She was planning on attending a promotional event for a luxury jewelry line that she has been representing in all of Asia.

However, she ultimately decided to cancel her appearance in respect for Sulli. A representative from the jewelry brand announced that the event they had planned for Song Hye Kyo will be canceled as a sign of their condolences.

Due to the sudden news in the entertainment industry, we will have to cancel the photo wall event that was scheduled for October 17.

Although it was a promise made with the media and it was an event that all of our staff worked very hard to prepare, we believe it is right for us to cancel the event as a sign of our condolences.

— Jewelry Brand


Reports claim that the decision was a hard one to make as it was Song Hye Kyo’s first appearance in Korea since her divorce, and many of the press were highly anticipating the event.

Although Song Hye Kyo and Sulli have never directly worked with one another, Song Hye Kyo decided to cancel her promotions as a sign of respect for her junior.

Source: eNews24

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