Song Hye Kyo’s Past Photos Circulate, Proving She’s A Natural Beauty

“How is her name even Song Hye Kyo too?”

With the popularity of Netflix K-Drama The Glory, Song Kye Kyo, who plays the lead character, is getting pushed back into the spotlight again. With the drama a hot topic, fans were naturally curious about the past days of the star too.

Safe to say that she was gorgeous since birth! Even the photos taken in her elementary school days are gorgeous.

Song Hye Kyo is known for her huge eyes and high nose bridge. She had all those features already as a toddler,

Not even a bad haircut could phase her.

She grew up exactly the same.

Netizens welcomed her, celebrating the success of her fame.

| theqoo
  • “How does she have that face and is also named Song Hye Kyo?”
  • “Even her name is pretty.”
  • “The graduation pic is the real deal. It’s the two tops along with Yejin.”
  • “It’s the same feeling I get as when I realize that Lee Hyori‘s name is also Lee Hyori.”
  • “Send me the pics.”

Her name really is unique yet pretty! It’s unfair she has both a pretty face and a pretty name.

Source: theqoo