Song Hye Kyo Releases Statement About Divorce With Song Joong Ki

She revealed why they divorced.

Song Hye Kyo has released her statement about her divorce with Song Joong Ki, revealing the two divorced due to personality differences.

Hello, this is Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA.

First, we are sorry to greet everyone with bad news.

Out actress, Song Hye Kyo, is currently divorcing her husband after careful consideration between the two.

The reason was because of their differences in personality. The two were unable to overcome their differences, which led to this decision.

We politely ask for your understanding as we cannot confirm more details, because it is both of the actors’ private lives.

Also, we ask that you please refrain from leaving provocative or speculative comments on the matter.

We are sorry to cause worry. We will try our best to greet you all with a better side in the future.

Thank you.


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo both reportedly moved out of their newlywed house months ago, and Chinese media have been hinting at their divorce for months. Both sides have now confirmed the divorce.

Song Joong Ki Announces He Will Divorce Song Hye Kyo

Source: Newsen

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