Song Hye Kyo Reveals What Changed Since Her Marriage To Song Joong Ki

She talked about life after marrying Song Joong Ki!

Song Hye Kyo attended an interview for her upcoming drama, Encounter (formerly titled, Boyfriend), where she co-stars next to Park Bo Gum.


During the interview, Song Hye Kyo was asked whether anything had changed since her famous marriage to Song Joong Ki. She revealed that nothing has changed since they’ve tied the knot!

“I don’t feel any difference since [marrying Song Joong Ki].”

— Song Hye Kyo


Song Joong Ki is still supportive as ever as he vowed to cheer her on in her new drama.

“He told me to work hard and that he’ll be watching it well.”

— Song Hye Kyo


The newly wed Song Hye Kyo will ironically play the part of a divorcee, but she’s certain that the character is not far different from her previous characters.

“It’s my first time portraying a divorcee since my debut, but I can’t say that the character is completely different from my past characters. The only thing different is that she’s a divorcee.

Cha Soo Hyun is a very bright and positive person, but she lived a life that made her feel frustrated and trapped, so her personality becomes dark. She then meets Jin Hyuk and finds her true personality again.

I think [the viewers] will be able to see both the dark and bright side of [Cha Soo Hyun].”

— Song Hye Kyo


She ultimately agreed to take part in the drama after being mesmerized by the storyline, as well as her trust in the director and her co-lead, Park Bo Gum. It’s needless to say, a highly anticipated drama of the year!

“First, the storyline was good, and I felt that working with Director Park Shin Woo would result in something better than anything imaginable. I also looked forward to working with actor Park Bo Gum, so I decided to take on the drama.”

— Song Hye Kyo


Encounter will begin airing on November 28 at 9:30pm KST.

Source: YTN and MyDaily