Song Hye Kyo’s Upcoming K-Drama “The Glory” Raises Questions With Its Allegedly Plagiarized Sypnosis

People are drawing comparisons with a Japanese manga.

It was previously announced that Song Hye Kyo would be starring in Descendants of the Sun writer, Kim Eun Sook‘s new drama, The Glory.

The Glory is about a female lead who dreams of becoming an architect but drops out of high school after a bullying incident. Eventually, as the classmates grow up, the bully ringleader gets married and gives birth to a child. The female lead bids her time until this child goes on to elementary school, only to take up a new post as the child’s teacher. She then starts to take revenge against the bully and others who did not help in the past.

However, debate is being sparked as it was discovered that a Japanese manga with a very similar plotline already exists. Translated to English from Korean, the title reads, “Is the guy who bullied me bad, or am I, who was bullied, the bad one?

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Although some of the set up is different, such as that in The Glory, the focal characters are female, some have questioned the similar plotline.

In the manga, the main lead gets bullied when he was younger…

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…discovers his bully grew up to have a family of his own without remorse for his deeds…


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…and eventually becomes the bully’s daughter’s homeroom teacher where the daughter is a target for bullying as well.

With some netizens defending the writer, saying “one should not be quick to judge before the drama airs” and others claiming way too similar a plotline, all that’s left is to wait for more news regarding The Glory.

Source: theqoo

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