Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Suddenly Acknowledges Their Agreement To Terminate Her Contract

They changed their statement within a couple of hours.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that actress Song Ji Hyo wasn’t getting paid by her agency Uzurocks, which led her to notify them that she wanted to terminate her contract.

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In October 2022, Song Ji Hyo joined fellow Running Man star Ji Suk Jin at Uzurocks. Six months after joining the agency, on April 24, it was revealed that she notified Uzurocks of the termination of her exclusive contract because she lost “trust” in them. Kim Young Chan, the director of Uzurocks, responded to Sports Seoul, clarifying the situation.

The exclusive contract with Song Ji Hyo has not been terminated. The agency temporarily deleted her from the portal site to protect the actress’s image.

— Kim Young Chan, director of Uzurocks

Ji Suk Jin (left) and Song Ji Hyo (right) | Hankyung

The CEO of Uzurocks, Park Joo Nam, also sent a text message to Sports Seoul stating that their contract with Song Ji Hyo was not terminated.

The director and CEO’s explanations, however, were overturned in just three hours and 48 minutes when Uzurocks stated in an official press release that day that they acknowledged the agreement with the actress.

We acknowledge the agreement with actress Song Ji Hyo to terminate the exclusive contract.

— Uzurocks

They apologized to their actors for not paying attention to the details.

We apologize for not paying attention to the specific and important details that needed to be provided to our actors in relation to our company’s rapid expansion and growth in the entertainment industry in the early stages. We acknowledge the mistake made by the company in the termination of the exclusive contract with Song Ji Hyo.

— Uzurocks

| Uzurocks

Meanwhile, on April 5, it was reported that Uzurocks was having financial issues, causing their actors and employees to not get their paychecks on time. Ten employees were let go due to financial hardships, and a few testified against the company, confirming their missed payments and the lack of apology from Uzurocks.

Source: Sports Seoul
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