Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Explains Why The Actress Is Unvaccinated While Announcing Her 10 Day Self-Quarantine

She was recently exposed to a positive COVID-19 case.

On January 21, Song Ji Hyo‘s agency Creative Group ING released a statement regarding the actress’s decision to undergo a 10 day self-quarantine period. While the actress tested negative for COVID-19, she has chosen to quarantine per recommended health guidelines due to her current vaccination status.

Actress Song Ji Hyo.

In the announcement, Creative Group ING surprisingly revealed that the actress is currently unvaccinated against the virus. Before netizens began to question Song Ji Hyo’s decision to remain unvaccinated, however, the agency provided a detailed statement tackling the potential concerns.

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According to the entertainment company, Song Ji Hyo was “diagnosed with a history of medication allergies in the past.” In an effort to illustrate just how bad her allergies are, Creative Group ING also shared a terrifying story from 2011 of when the Running Man member reacted badly to an IV fluid due to her medication allergy.

We will explain the reason for her 10 day self-quarantine decision. Actress Song Ji Hyo was diagnosed with a history of medication allergies in the past.

In 2011, due to her busy filming schedule, she was put in a situation where her physical exhaustion desperately required attention. She received IV fluids as an aiding effort, but it didn’t take long for her to react badly to it. She developed rashes all over her body and she had difficulty breathing due to her shortness of breath.

At the time, she went to the emergency room where she received treatment, and there is a medical record of her doing so. Afterwards, she continued to show adverse reactions to antibiotics and more.

— Creative Group ING

| Creative Group ING

The actress’s agency continued with their statement, revealing that given her medical history, it was decided after a “long deliberation [with] doctors” that it was best for Song Ji Hyo to remain unvaccinated for her health and safety.

After a long deliberation about the COVID-19 vaccination and getting the opinions of doctors, we had no choice but to have Song Ji Hyo remain unvaccinated due to the above reasons.

— Creative Group ING

Creative Group ING concluded by revealing that while she may be unvaccinated, they will do everything they can to “thoroughly comply with the quarantine guidelines” to ensure the well-being of Song Ji Hyo.

We will continue to thoroughly comply with the quarantine guidelines according to the health department to ensure the health and safety of our actors. We will faithfully respond to cooperation requests from quarantine authorities.

Thank you.

— Creative Group ING


Previously, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk confirmed his positive COVID-19 test following the filming conclusion of his Running Man episode. Due to the exposure of working alongside the Super Junior member for the episode, the entire cast of the SBS variety program announced that they would be undergoing PCR tests. On January 21, the Running Man crew confirmed their negative test results.

Cast of “Running Man” | SBS

Due to her 10 day self-quarantine, Song Ji Hyo’s upcoming activities will be temporarily put on pause, including Running Man. The SBS variety program definitely won’t be the same without the actress, but we wish her the best during the quarantine process.

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