Song Ji Hyo’s Duality Between Her “Running Man” Image And Her Actress Image Is Unmatched

She is just on another level.

Actress Song Ji Hyo has been active on the television program Running Man for the past decade and has since grown a solid fan base thanks to the variety program. While she proves her variety show abilities through the SBS program, she has also been impressing with her acting skills through her productions.

The actress excited fans when it was revealed that she had been cast in the upcoming K-Drama, Come to the Witch’s Restaurant. The TVING series is based on a novel and will also feature actress Nam Ji Hyun, who was cast as the other main female character. As fans get excited for the premiere date, previews of the upcoming K-Drama were just released and Song Ji Hyo’s visuals stunned everyone.

Actress Song Ji Hyo | OSEN

Song Ji Hyo will be portraying the role of Cho Hee Ra, who is a witch that works alongside Nam Ji Hyun’s character at a magical restaurant. Due to the nature of her character, the newly released photos featured the 41-year-old actress in a dark environment dressed in a dark ensemble.

Dressed in a black hat, a black blazer, and a black top, Song Ji Hyo almost looks unrecognizable! Her dark smoky make-up added the perfect touch to the overall dark ambiance.

Song Ji Hyo in “Come to the Witch’s Restaurant” | TVING

While everyone is aware of Song Ji Hyo’s stunning visuals, Running Man viewers are also familiar with the actress’s ability to look more variety program friendly. The actress has never had a problem “ruining” her image on the show, with her constant appearances like this,


like this,


and like this as well. Seriously, she knows how to get down and dirty!


And while no one ever undermined her visuals, Song Ji Hyo’s preview photo from Come to the Witch’s Restaurant was a beautiful reminder that the actress’s duality is truly on another level. Come to the Witch’s Restaurant will be premiering sometime in July of this year on TVING so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Source: Insight