Song Ji Hyo Fans Erupt In Frustration After Hearing Her Justification For Her Recent Styling Controversy

“Her response is making me lose my f*cking energy.”

Song Ji Hyo recently shocked Running Man viewers and her fans with her drastic hairstyle transformation. The actress, who has always sported a long hairstyle…

Actress Song Ji Hyo with long hair.

…chopped it all off into a short, pixie cut.

Song Ji Hyo with short hair | SBS

And while the actress seemed happy with her decision, her longtime fans made it known that they were upset with her sudden transformation, as her drastic change became a shocking controversy.

While the actress didn’t address it previously, Song Ji Hyo decided to talk about it on the most recent episode of Running Man—but her response has only made her fans even more irate.

Song Ji Hyo on the latest “Running Man” episode.

To celebrate the upcoming close of 2021, the cast of Running Man participated in their very own end-of-the-year ceremony. Dressed to impress, each cast member showed up in their very best. As Song Ji Hyo’s edgy white outfit became a hot topic on the episode, the actress decided to tackle the controversy about what she thought was over her hairstyle.

The Running Man members showered Song Ji Hyo with compliments on her outfit for the episode, which she delighted in.

Yoo Jae Suk complimenting Song Ji Hyo on her outfit on the latest “Running Man” episode.

It was her following comment, however, that’s been receiving criticisms from her fans.

Song Ji Hyo explaining her outfit.

The person who has always styled me dressed me today to fit the theme. My hair will grow back fast.

— Song Ji Hyo

Her comment was not received positively, as her fans quickly gathered to express their frustrations at Song Ji Hyo, who they claimed was missing the point. This particular fan explained that it wasn’t just the hair but rather her constant “tacky styling” that has made the entire situation even worse.

| Nate Pann

The problem isn’t the fact that your hair was chopped into a pixie cut. Jihyo unnie, the problem is that you are constantly styled in tacky ways and it’s disappointing to your fans. Honestly, the way that you’re being styled ages you a lot. Thankfully, since unnie‘s face is so pretty, it looks somewhat alright..ㅠㅠㅠ.”

— Anonymous netizen

Another fan had no problem calling out Song Ji Hyo. They explained that the actress’s response made them “lose [their] f*cking energy.”

| Nate Pann

The fans aren’t mad that you got a pixie cut [blurred text]. But Song Ji Hyo’s response is making me lose my f*cking energy.

— Anonymous netizen

Another fan also called out the actress by letting her know that her fans have been patient all this time, and that it hasn’t been “easy” for them to speak up on the matter.

| Nate Pann

We’re not upset because you got a pixie cut. Jihyo unnie, please don’t tell me that you still think that’s what this is all about. If you do, then I have no words…it wasn’t easy for your fans to speak up after suppressing it time and time again…

— Anonymous netizen

This particular Song Ji Hyo fan provided examples of the exact styling disappointments that they witnessed, as they not only called out the actress but her stylist as well.

| Nate Pann

Song Ji Hyo, it’s not because of your pixie cut that this is happening. At the awards ceremony, you wore clothes that had torn hems. Also, your stylist keeps dressing you in clothes that doesn’t fit the image of an actress. That’s what we’re talking about. How disappointing.

— Anonymous netizen

Previously, the actress attended the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, sporting her newly chopped off hair. While she rocked the red carpet in an all black ensemble, her fans were quick to point out a few flaws of her attire. Not only was her outfit too big for her thin frame, but a portion of the bottom hem was torn—which could be seen in the ceremony photos.

Song Ji Hyo at the “2021 Asia Artist Awards” red carpet with her torn hem (circled in red by Koreaboo) | Star Today

Song Ji Hyo and her agency, Creative Group ING has not yet directly addressed the ongoing situation.

Source: WikiTree