Song Ji Hyo Reveals What Kim Heechul Texted Her About TWICE’s Momo

Kim Heechul was shocked Song Ji Hyo confessed it on camera!

Song Ji Hyo guest starred on the latest episode of Knowing Bros, where she opened up about her close friendship with Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul.


Lee Soo Geun asked the guests, “If you’re a big fan of Knowing Bros, [you’ll know this answer.] One of us is deeply in love, who is it?

Both of them answered, “Kim Heechul!“, to which Heechul looked flabbergasted by another mention of his relationship with TWICE‘s Momo.

The cast then noted how Song Ji Hyo and Kim Hee Chul are such close friends, and asked if she congratulated him for his dating news.

Song Ji Hyo revealed that she left him a text message, and she remembers his exact response because it was so impactful!

I texted him to congratulate him.

When I texted him, he responded, ‘Thanks noona’… and what he wrote next was very impactful.

— Song Ji Hyo

What was that impactful message? He told Song Ji Hyo, “Momo’s a very good person.” Kim Heechul immediately denied it out of embarrassment but Song Ji Hyo claimed she had proof in her phone!

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Heechul have known each other for years as they got close while appearing on various shows and events together.

It appears Kim Heechul wasn’t shy to show off his girlfriend to Song Ji Hyo but is totally shy to talk about it on camera!

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