Song Ji Hyo Kisses Kim Jong Kook During The Recent “Running Man” Episode, Shocking BTS’s Jin And The Rest Of The Cast

The reason why the kiss happened is truly iconic!

When it comes to the K-Variety show Running Man, one of the highlights is the blossoming “Romance” between the so-called “Love Line” featuring Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook. Throughout the episodes, their chemistry is undeniable, and netizens love seeing their friendship.

Kim Jong Kook (left) and Song Ji Hyo (right) | SBS

Well, it seems like there might have been a development with the Running Man love line in the recent episode. Along with the regular cast, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were joined by BTS‘s Jin for a hilarious episode.

Even from the beginning, the interactions between Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were wild, with the former idol having the best reaction to Ji Hyo’s fangirling over Jin after she found out they were on different teams.

During the episode, one of the games the cast had to play was an attack with words to a member of the opposing team. No matter what has been said, the cast member who is being attacked has to respond with “No,” and then refute the claim themselves.

As expected, it was chaos throughout as they made a pun using BTS’s “Fire” for the game.

During one of the later rounds, it was the turn of Yoo Suk Jae to challenge Song Ji Hyo. It wasn’t surprising that the topic was about Kim Jongkook as he asked, “Ji Hyo, you don’t like Jong Kook, do you?”

Ji Hyo followed the rules of the game by explaining, “No, no.”

But she surprised fans with her follow-up as she explained, “I really love Jong Kook,” before getting up and kissing her co-star on the head. In a close-up shot, even Jong Kook seemed shocked by what had just happened.

As expected, the cast’s reactions were just as funny, with them all going from shocked to hilariously happy as “Love Line” seemed to be cemented during the episode.

Yoo Suk Jae couldn’t hide his excitement at what he had just seen, and despite Song Ji Hyo trying to explain that it was just a game, his emotions couldn’t be hidden.

Although it was just a game, many netizens would’ve been fangirling at seeing the interaction between the two. Throughout the series, they always have a special chemistry and this was just another cute moment for fans.

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