Song Ji Hyo Opens Up About Her Weight Gain After Losing Over 15 Lbs For Her Movie

“After I started losing weight, my health sharply decreased.”

Song Ji Hyo recently opened up about how she had to lose weight for her latest thriller movie, and how she experienced the “yo-yo effect” soon after.

Song Ji Hyo took on the role of a mysterious younger sister in the latest thriller movie, “Intruder”. The director had requested that she become even thinner to give off an eery vibe.

Despite her already thin and lean stature, she lost a total of 7kg (15.4lbs) for the movie.

Before filming started, the director requested that I go on a diet. It’s actually okay to go on a diet before the shooting starts because you have time, but it’s difficult to maintain the weight until you finish filming.

In the beginning, I lost about 5kg (11lbs), and I lost 2kg (4.4lbs) more near the end.

— Song Ji Hyo

Forcing yourself to lose weight when you’re already at a healthy level is very difficult and can cause damage to your health. Song Ji Hyo confessed that her health suffered from the weight loss but it helped her get in tune with her character better.

She explained, “After I started losing weight, my health sharply decreased. But as I became more like [my character], I kept losing weight.

She also revealed how she was able to shed the weight, and the process was grueling. She continued to limit her eating and exercised profusely on a daily basis.

As I grow older, it’s gotten harder to lose weight.

Dieting through food is the basics, and I ran about 10km everyday. I tried not to eat after 6pm.

— Song Ji Hyo

But now that the filming is over, she proudly confessed that she’s gained double the weight back! She reassured fans that she’s back to her regular health and is happier than ever about her movie.

I gained it back when the movie ended. I gained double back. My weight just kept increasing.

And thanks to her dedication to her role, Song Ji Hyo has earned nothing but praise for her stellar performance in “Intruder”!

Check out the trailer below:

Source: MK Sports and Star Today