Song Joong Ki Criticized For Illegal Construction And Street Modifications For His Itaewon Home, Causing Other Residents Damage

The construction caused damage to cars and property.

Song Joong Ki has been criticized for his illegal construction on his new Itaewon house, modifying the streets and causing damage to other residents’ property.

According to a report by Newsen, Song Joong Ki has been in a state of conflict with his neighbors due to unauthorized construction on a road that is adjacent to his house that is currently under construction in Itaewon. Residents are complaining that Song Joong Ki is arbitrarily changing the height and angle that the street slopes at to make sure his driveway and parking area for his house are at matching levels. However, when he was doing this, he changed the angle of the street itself, which caused another resident’s car to get pushed back and hit the entrance of the house next-door.

In response, the Yongsan Road department confirmed that the construction violated Article 75 of the Road Act, which states that road slope levels cannot be adjusted without prior permission and have continuously requested the road to be restored to the original level since early this year.

Newsen visited the site where construction on Song Joong Ki’s new house will be on July 2 KST, and were able to determine that the road that was illegally modified has still not been restored to its original state. The houses on the opposite side of the road have had placards protesting for the restoration of the road to its original level.

Residents who live nearby have commented, stating that due to the steep slope that was not previously there, accidents have occurred and many cars are getting scratches on the undersides of their cars. Their requests for restoration have fallen upon deaf ears even though they have put up placards. Even though they were told by the Yongsan district office that the road would be restored by the end of June, but nothing has happened.

The Yongsan District Office told Newsen that they knew there would be construction on the road, but adjusting the slope height of the road does violate the law. They have contacted the contractor working on the road and were informed that measures would be taken to restore the road.

Song Joong Ki’s agency also commented on the issue, stating that they have submitted a correction plan to the Yongsan District Office.

Source: Newsen