Song Joong Ki’s Dad Reportedly Didn’t Know About The Divorce Until It Was Announced Through News Reports

He’s shut himself off from his friends.

Reports claim that Song Joong Ki‘s dad didn’t know about the news of his son’s divorce until it was announced publically through various news reports. He’s allegedly been shocked by the events and has shut himself off from everyone by never leaving his house.

A friend of the dad explained that Song Joong Ki’s dad was happy even just the night before the news broke, but ever since the divorce news was confirmed, he has not been in contact with anyone.

Song Joong Ki’s dad was happy the day before [when we were out drinking]. After the news hit, he won’t pick up his phone.

— Song Joong Ki’s Dad’s Friend

Song Joong Ki’s dad has known to be a great supporter of his son and his daughter-in-law, frequently promoting both of their various works to his friends.

His dad had also faced unnecessary attention when news reports claimed he took down all traces of Song Hye Kyo from the “Song Joong Ki Museum”.

Source: Spotv

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