Song Joong Ki’s Previous Interactions With Children Resurface Following News That His Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders Is Pregnant

He will make the perfect father!

On January 30 (KST), netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when actor Song Joong Ki announced that he was marrying his British girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and that the two were expecting a child together.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

When the news was announced, netizens shared their reactions on social media…

After the exciting news that Song Joong Ki is going to be a father, images and clips have resurfaced of the actor’s interactions with children.

One Korean media outlet shared photos that have been gaining attention after being posted over five years ago. The pictures come from Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi which were shared in 2016, and it was of Song Joong Ki with her daughter.

| Weibo

On social media, netizens were sharing photos of Song Joong Ki with children, whether it was those he was working with or children of people he was close with.

| @kdrama_menfess/Twitter

| @kdrama_menfess/Twitter

| @kdrama_menfess/Twitter

Yet, it isn’t the first time Song Joong Ki has been praised for his behavior around children and those younger than him.

While filming the iconic K-Drama Reborn Rich, Song Joong Ki was filmed filming a scene with some children. After filming the scene, Song Joong Ki made sure not to seem intimidating as he knelt down and started talking about the scene with the young extras.

When he accidentally knocked one of the children down, he continuously made sure to check the young boy was okay. Each time he had to knock a child down, he always made sure to check they were okay.

Even when they weren’t filming, Song Joong Ki had the cutest interactions with the young stars in the episode.

Although there is no confirmed time frame of when Katy Louise Saunders is due to give birth, there is no doubt that the happy couple will be the best of parents. They’ve both showcased their adoration for each other, and it’s the perfect environment to raise a loving family.

You can read the full announcement below.

Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage And Wife’s Pregnancy

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