Netizens Argue With Each Other In The Comments Of Song Joong Ki’s Latest Instagram Updates

The pictures are peaceful, but…

Actor Song Joong Ki‘s latest Instagram updates have become overrun with netizens feuding in the comment section.

A picture from Song Joong Ki’s most recent Instagram update | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Typically the comments on Song Joong Ki’s posts are filled with supportive fans showing appreciation for the actor.

But netizens’ reactions weren’t so positive when the actor recently shared pictures, presumably in Hungary, where he recently traveled with his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, to film his upcoming Netflix movie, My Name Is Loh Kiwan. Instead, there were many comments calling Song Joong Ki a “red flag,” while others defended the actor.

Song Joong Ki recently announced his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders and shared with netizens that he and his wife are expecting a baby.

Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders

At the time netizens voiced their shock at the unexpected announcement.

Many netizens supported the couple and even wondered what their baby would look like since their parents are both top-tier visuals.

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  • “Wow, but I bet they won’t be able to appear on Superman is Back, right?”
  • “Seeing how he went public, it seemed like he would remarry. Congrats.”
  • “Which country will they live in?”
  • “Congrats congrats”
  • “Oh my. Congrats.”
  • “Congrats. Song Joong Ki loves kids so this is great.”

But recently, netizens seem to be criticizing Song Joong Ki’s new relationship considering his previous divorce from fellow actress Song Hye Kyo after their short-lived marriage. Although both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are currently having incredibly successful careers, some netizens believe that his past treatment of Song Hye Kyo is a “disappointment.”

Still, many netizens are coming to Song Joong Ki’s defense, pointing out that netizens don’t have any say in his personal life and that “real fans should be happy for him.”

Other recent posts are receiving similar comments as netizens express their thoughts on the situation.

You can see Song Joong Ki’s latest post here.

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