Song Joong Ki And Katy Louise Saunders Are Spotted Together In Cannes, France

Song Joong Ki is in France to attend the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Actor Song Joong Ki was spotted with his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, in France.

Song Joong Ki (left) and Katy Louise Saunders (right) |

Song Joong Ki is currently at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival for his movie Hopeless. News outlet YTN revealed that they had spotted the actor and his wife at an interview site in a hotel before the official screening of Hopeless.


According to the reports, Katy, who is currently pregnant, looked beautiful. The reports stated that while Song Joong Ki was being interviewed, Katy Louise Saunders waited with the movie’s production team and that, despite his busy schedule, Song Joong Ki would check on Katy like a doting husband.


There has been much anticipation as to whether Katy Louise Saunders would accompany Song Joong Ki. According to an insider, Katy, after checking her health, traveled to Roma, where her family stays, from which she then traveled to Cannes.

Song Joong Ki And Wife Katy Louise Saunders Spotted On A Date In Rome

Meanwhile, this is Song Joong Ki’s first time at Cannes in his 15-year career. The actor’s movie Hopeless tells the story of a man who joins a crime organization to escape his reality.

Source: ytn
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