Song Joong Ki To Self-Quarantine For 2 Weeks After Returning From Colombia

He is currently healthy.

Song Joong Ki and other members of the Bogotá cast and crew will all be self-quarantining for 2 weeks following their return from Colombia amidst the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Following the report that the entire movie’s cast would be evacuating Colombia due to concerns over the Coronavirus, all of the cast and crew were able to safely arrive back in Korea. Over 100 staff members and cast were required to take separate flights due to the difficulty of finding a flight from Colombia to Seoul.

Song Joong Ki arrived earlier this morning, March 24, and left the airport as quickly as possible to return home. His co-star Lee Hee Joon arrived in Korea 2 days ago, March 22, further showing how difficult it was to get a flight back from Colombia.

Song Joong Ki’s agency, HISTORY D&C, confirmed the news of the self-quarantine, and added that there are currently no issues with his health.

Currently, there are no issues with Song Joong Ki’s health. He will return home and take a rest, and we will be monitoring him as much as possible during his 2 weeks of self-quarantine.


Bogotá began filming in Colombia back in January, and completed around 40% of its filming at the time of evacuation. If the cast and crew are unable to return to Colombia, then production for the movie will completely halt, as there are very few scenes that are required to be shot in Korea. When the filming will resume, if it will resume, has yet to be decided.

Source: Star News