[★UPDATE] Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo confess reason behind relationship announcement

Song Joong Ki revealed that he was the one who suggested that Song Hye Kyo and he make their relationship public.

He ideally hoped to drop their wedding news after the premier of his new movie “The Battleship Island”.

“I told Song Hye Kyo that I wanted to be the first person to announce the marriage news. Ideally, in the perfect world, I wanted everyone to find out about my marriage after “The Battleship Island” premiered.

However, life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it to and that’s when I told Song Hye Kyo that we should announce the marriage. I am deeply apologetic over the fact that my marriage news overpowered the movie premiere.”

— Song Joong Ki

But he ultimately decided it was time to reveal the news when rumors started spreading.

“I was upset when groundless rumors starting circulating about Song Hye Kyo and I. That’s why I suggested we reveal the news freely. Our hearts were pounding on that day.”

— Song Joong Ki

He also opened up about how it feels to be getting married.

“I still can’t believe I am getting married. People who are married told me that speaking from experience, one doesn’t feel like the marriage is actually happening even until the actual wedding date.

What surprised me a lot was that many people congratulated me on my marriage. Even today, while I was heading here for my interview, many people wished me congratulations on my marriage and even the worker at the sauna congratulated me.

So many fans have wished me congratulations that I honestly feel like I should strive to act better in life.”

— Song Joong Ki

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Source: Sports DongA

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