Song Joong Ki and Wife Katy Louise Saunders Gain Attention After A Netizen Recalls Seeing The Couple On A Date

The actor has also recently been speaking a lot about his family in interviews!

In 2023, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when actor Song Joong Ki revealed he was marrying British actress Katy Louise Saunders and that the two were expecting a baby.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Yet, while the topic of dating and marriage in the Korean entertainment industry is often taboo, Song Joong Ki has made netizens smile by being open when being and speaking about Katy Louise Saunders.

Well, it seems like the couple have enjoyed some more time together. In April, Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders were spotted on a date in Rome. In the photos, the happy couple seems to be enjoying some time together ahead of their busy schedules that happened in May, including the Cannes Film Festival.

Song Joong Ki (left) and Katy Louise Saunders (right) were spotted in Rome in April.

On a recent social media website, a fan shared a picture of the happy couple in Rome which caught the attention of Korean media.

In the post, the netizen explained that they were surprised to see the couple, adding how shocking it was to see just how young Song Joong Ki looks in real life.

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Yet, it isn’t just on dates that Song Joong Ki likes being public about his wife. In May, the actor did some interviews and mentioned Katy Louise Saunders on several occasions.

When asked about his proficiency in English and his wife, the actor replied that he often practiced with Katy and that they have conversations in English.

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Song Joong Ki was then talking about his babyface that netizens love, and while he was thankful for the compliments, he had something more important, adding, “Soon, I will be a father. I don’t care if I have a babyface. I care about having a baby.”

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When asked about fatherhood, the actor explained, “This is the biggest thing in my life,” and that he had always dreamed of being a father.

I’m super happy about this. I am excited about being a father, but sometimes, I am afraid about being a father because can I be a good father, I always think. Every day, I have a conversation of this issue with my wife, but we will try and we will put our efforts and I am sure we can do it.

— Song Joong Ki

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With the baby due to be born any day now, Song Joong Ki will use any opportunity to speak about his family and showcase how much he cares for his family and wants to speak about them.

You can read more about their relationship below.

Song Joong Ki And Katy Louise Saunders Are Spotted Together In Cannes, France

Source: Nate